Designer/Builder Bio:  
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • 17 years experience with the Firearms Industry
  • 9 years 07 FFL/SOT
  • Building, Optimizing and Shooting Black Rifles since the 90's
These designs came about after years of dissatisfaction with available tactical
gear. Even though gear design has come a long way in the last few years
multi-functionality, craftsmanship, and simplicity of design still lacked.

As an engineer I began studying the features I desired in the all around
perfect gear. Along with this was the desire to use the highest quality
materials with extreme attention to detail in it's manufacture. This
combination of characteristics were completely missing from currently
available designs.

In this vacuum is where T.S.T.'s proprietary designs evolved.

All T.S.T. gear produced will have the craftsmanship and receive the attention
to detail, that cannot be obtained from any BIG NAME manufacturer.

Complete satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back no questions asked!